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Friends of Fairs,


Keep an eye on this page to plan your 2014 Legislative Day.  In 2014, we challenge all member fairs to have at least one representative on Legislative Day.


Important Information to Help you Plan your Day!

How to find your legislator:

Capital Campus parking:

Capital Campus map:


The following statements provided in the WA Fairs Economic Impact Report completed in 2006 create the foundation for our reasons to continue receiving the full balance of the Fair Fund:

· In 2005 7.8 million people attended events held at fairgrounds throughout Washington State, more than the state population of 6.3 million people (Washington State Office of Financial Management, 2006). By comparison, 4.6 million people visited Seattle Center and approximately 1.2 million attended events at Key Arena in 2005(Beyers, 2006).

· Gross economic impacts from Washington State fairs and other fairground activities were between $350 million and $385 million in 2005.

· Fairs and fairground activities supported between an estimated 5,630 to 5,807 temporary jobs in 2005 with numerous more volunteer opportunities.

· Estimated labor income for all jobs related to the fairs is between $48 million and $51million in 2005.

· Estimated tax revenues generated by fair and non-fair gross economic activity range between $22.7 million and $25.0 million in 2005.

· Fairs and other fairground activities played a vital role in fund raising for many non-profit groups throughout the state.

· In addition to the economic contribution that fairgrounds provide to the state, they can also provide a space for emergency services (The Daily Herald, 2006).

When making contacts, Legislators are interested in the following information.  Please have it ready when you contact them.

1) Fair Funds percentage to overall budget.  What is it used for? 

2) Economic impact on fair users/service groups.

3) Percentage of Youth as participants *especially important to county fairs

4) Employment numbers, not only directly with fair but also ripple affect.